ANICAnosmia, Isolated Congenital
ANICATM Network Interface Card (Cisco)
ANICAustralian National Imams Council (Islamic body)
ANICAssociation of Northern Ireland Colleges (UK)
ANICAustralian National Insect Collection
ANICAmerican National Insurance Company
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ANIC also condemns ISIS' seized of important Islamic symbols and philosophy such as "There is no god but God and the Prophetic Seal "Muhammad is his Messenger.
1]] The IMPACT of Bipolar study ( I nvestigating M anic P hases A nd C urrent T rends) found 64% of people reported experiencing feeling depressed during a manic episode.
This system will help us gather large amounts of information very quickly, contributing to our understanding of pollinator biology and the ecosystem services those pollinators provide,' says ANIC Director, Dr John La Salle.
Welcoming the move, ANIC Chief Executive John D'Arcy said: "The face of further education is changing, as are the names of colleges which have been at the heart of communities for over 100 years.
ANIC president Juan Martinez del Campo said this year's production shortfall might require Mexico to import a small amount of coffee beans from Brazil or Ecuador to ensure an adequate supply for the domestic market.
Best believes that ANIC is well positioned at its current rating level, a significant deterioration in its operating results over the long term beyond A.
ANIC has demanded to put an end to the use of the term "Islamic" when referring to the terrorist group because it will only give credit to ISIS' "illegitimate claims" of authority in the name of Islam.
We're trying to nurture a culture of innovation in African media," said AMI's digital strategist and ANIC project manager Justin Arenstein.
ANIC comprises specimens collected by CSIRO staff, as well as donations and bequests from individuals and other institutions.
Steven Pressley and Tall both went for the ball, but it was Anic, under pressure from the Jambos pair, who headed the ball into the corner of his own net.
INDA, Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry, Cary, NC, will receive a helping hand with the development of the International Nonwovens Journal from Japanese association ANIC - Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Conference, Tokyo.