ANICSAlaskan NAS (National Airspace Interfacility) Interfacility Communications System
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In addition to ASTI, and ANICS, Harris also is the prime contractor for the FAA's Operational and Supportability Implementation System (OASIS), which provides integrated weather briefing and flight planning capabilities for preflight weather briefings and in-flight updates for Alaska's general aviation community.
The most recent ANICS pistol offering (also powered by CO2), differs from previous models in that it can handle BBs--steel or lead--as well as standard .
ANICS claims that each CO2 cartridge can yield a minimum of 75 shots or so.
The second phase of ANICS will incorporate a number of enhancements designed to address Alaska's harsh operating environment.
This radome approach offers additional cost and productivity gains by allowing other FAA equipment to be co-located with the ANICS antenna and electronics.