ANIEAssociazione Nazionale Imprese Elettrotecniche ed Elettroniche (Italian)
ANIEAssociazione Nazionale Industrie Elettriche (Italian: National Association of the Electricity Industry)
ANIEAl Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC (United Arab Emirates)
ANIEAssessment for Numeracy In Education (Canada)
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UST 62 - Anies 16, Larosa 16, Gandalla 9, Angeles 7, Rivera 4, Penaflor 3, Jerez 3, Sanggalang 2, Isanan 2, Aujero 0, Portillo 0, Magat 0, Manuel 0, Valera 0.
After the election, both Basuki and Anies spoke of putting the bitter campaign behind them.
Maica Cortez topscored for the Tigresses with 17 points, but the ones who made the difference in the payoff period were Angelica Anies and Bettina Penaflor who combined for 10 of the team's 22 points.
WHILE LARGE-CAP corn anies *ain more sup ort from their smaller counterparts, a new report re vealed that shareholder endorsement of executive compensation plans has declined in 2014 at mid-cap, small-cap and micro-cap companies.
Byline: Tarek Dowod, Ashraf Ahmed Hussein Hashem, Salah Anies and Mathew Thomas
Anies Al-Hroub provides the first article, entitled "Developing Assessment Profiles for Mathematically Gifted Children With Learning Difficulties at Three Schools in Cambridgeshire, England.
Gus Anies recalled that "the interview process is really intense and very thorough.
There have been hundreds of complaints about overzealous attendants known as The Me anies employed by Central Parking System.
That is to say, because Germans tend to drink beer socially and have a good time, they experience health benefits from the reduced stress that accomp anies such activities.
Under the alliance, only HP, and its resellers, will offer the hardware as well as provide service and support for the products, the comp anies said.