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ANINIAsociación del Niño por el Niño (Guatemala)
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During our excavations we dated four large structures including marae Manunu (Figure 3), Anini and Ohiti Mataroa on Huahine, and Marae Ta'ata on Tahiti.
Moles, Hifzi Topuz'un Iletisimde Karikatur ve Toplum kitabi icin yazdigi onsoz icinde; karikaturun bir durumun ozunu yansittigini, "gunluk yasamin bir enstantanesi, bir mikro- sahnesi" oldugunu ve yasamin anahtar anini yakalayip kavradigini soylemektedir (Topuz 3).
The study was conducted between August to December 2005 and samples were collected from subjects enrolled for the study from Anini, the district headquarter of Upper Dibang valley of Arunachal Pradesh.
4 -- 6) Kee Beach in Kauai, top, filled in for an Australian island in the TV miniseries ``The Thorn Birds''; James Caan romanced Sarah Jessica Parker in ``Honeymoon in Vegas'' at this house on Kauai's Anini Beach, center left; Elvis Presley stayed at the Coco Palms in ``Blue Hawaii,'' center right, but a hurricane ravaged his still-closed bungalow in 1992; and a figure casts a line from Moloaa Beach, above, where the castaways washed up in the ``Gilligan's Island'' pilot.
One Anini homeowner's tax in 2001 was $7,000, and by 2002, it was $17,000.
In addition, Bali Hai Realty has established another web camera in Kilauea with views down the Anini Beach coastline towards Bali Hai (also known as Makana).
maddenin fiili saldiri vuku bulmaksizin kuvvet kullanma hakkini kesinlikle disladigi gorusunu benimserken, ayni zamanda, saldirinin baslama anini genis bir sekilde yorumlayarak, bir devletin magdur devlete karsi fiili saldiri icin geri donulmesi mumkun olmayan bir yola girmesiyle ozdeslestirmektedir.
The Global Vectra helicopter with a Bell 407 chopper also has been operating in the state including flying to Guwahati, Anini, Dambuk, Menchuka, Pasighat, Roing and Vijoynagar.
Since June, a mysterious milky growth has been spreading rapidly across the coral reefs in Hanalei and the surrounding bays of the north shore -- so rapidly that biologist Terry Lilley, who has been documenting the phenomenon, says it now affects 5% of all the coral in Hanalei Bay and up to 40% of the coral in nearby Anini Bay.
Anini is one of the few Kauai beaches that is protected by a broad, offshore reef, so the water is generally calm and ideal for a dip or snorkeling.
5 acres dramatically perched 200 feet above Hawai'i's famous Anini Beach.