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ANLLAcute Non-Lymphocytic Leukemia
ANLLAcute and Chronic Non-Lymphoblastic Leukaemias
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3]) Missing 1 p-Value for trend test ANLL Indicators of exposure to Cases (n = 118) OR (95% Cl) (c) roads and traffic Proximity to main roads (meters) Unexposed 46 1.
It was also aimed to derermine whether karyotype pattern and telomerase expression levels at the time of diagnosis could serve as indicators of leukaemic transformation in MDS patients and also as major prognoltic indicators of survival and response to treatment in ANLL and MDS patients.
For cummulative exposures in magnetic field of 2 [mu]T we have determined the relative risk factors: RR = 2,36 for ANLL and RR= 2,25 for AML.