ANMCAmerican National Metric Council
ANMCAlaska Native Medical Center
ANMCAlliance Nationale des Mutualités Chrétiennes
ANMCAsian Network of Major Cities
ANMCAnglers' Net Members Club
ANMCAnniston Munitions Center (US Army)
ANMCAssociazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili
ANMCArtificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures (gaming Parasite Eve)
ANMCAeronautical Noise Management Committee (Canada)
ANMCAuxiliary National Material Center (previously AUXCEN)
ANMCAdaptive Neural Model Control
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The Cardiology/Neurosurgery Remodel at ANMC began December 2014 and was completed in July for ANTHC.
In 2009, Hofstetter et al of ANMC performed an analysis of ENT specialty clinic wait times for all new patient referrals both before and after the implementation of a telemedicine service.
During 2000-2003, 695 clinical MRSA isolates were obtained by the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory of ANMC.
The ANMC would also support the inclusion of mandatory reporting, which is now in place in states such as New South Wales, into the national laws in a bid to encourage people to speak up if they have concerns about colleagues' competence.
Phillips presented ANMC with the Superior Unit Award, something he said very few organizations ever receive.
The ANMC staff of 18 mortgage banking professionals, licensed throughout New Jersey, represents over 200 years of experience.
ANMC of Anchorage, Alaska, is a tribally owned and operated hospital that provides a full range of services to Alaska Natives and American Indians who live in Alaska.
The team hosted Representative Don Young and Senator Lisa Murkowski at ANMC to learn more about diabetes in Alaska and the impact of the more than 20 SDPI community directed programs.
The ANMC Patient Housing project will improve access to high quality care and services at the ANMC hospital for more than 143,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska, as well as provide appropriate travel lodging and support while they receive care and recover.
It really should have been directed at the NSWNA, the hospital system, the ANF, the ANMC, the RCNA and any other body that deals with the professionalisation of nursing.
ANMC is increasingly doing more with telemedicine, including participating in a pilot program out of Nome where providers can consult with the hospital's doctors using an iPad.
Based in Anchorage, Alaska, the ANMC is an integrated delivery system and medical home, providing inpatient and outpatient medical care.