ANMMAustralian National Maritime Museum (Sydney, Australia)
ANMMAmorphous and Nanostructured Magnetic Materials (workshop)
ANMMAFSPC National Mission Model
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Using a proprietary claims program, ANMM seeks to retrieve reimbursement from previously denied and/or underpaid claims; thereby increasing provider profitability and alleviating out of pocket costs to patients.
It is because of their sacrifices that make this country so great," says Greg Maldonado, President of ANMM.
Over the last decade, ANMM has successfully developed a set of unique and revolutionary health insurance claims procedures aimed at seeking proper reimbursement for out-of-network claims that health insurance companies have either completely denied or grossly underpaid.
With a presence across the United States, ANMM is one of multiple recognized associations, which include the Los Angeles County Medical Association (LACMA) and the California Medical Association (CMA), extending their support of the suit.
With a growing number of medical providers experiencing problems in distributing equipment to patients because of coverage being denied by insurance companies, ANMM identified a niche in the market and developed a unique sequence of procedures, using its own self-designed software to process health insurance claims, serving a much needed and lacking function in the industry.