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ANNALAnnual Allocations
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This becomes clear when comparing the Clontarf episode with contemporary entries in the Irish annals, particularly the Annals of Ulster.
r] have a very jejune continuation from 1460-71 (five annals only), which contains no local material.
In Tamil Saivism the two words annal and teyvam 'god' may be treated as synonyms: they are symbols which can be defined in terms of each other.
Dave Annal, of The Family Records Centre, says: "This will be of great interest to family historians and to anyone wanting to know more about how their ancestors lived.
These 'simple forms' of historical narrative would include the eyewitness testimony, the reminiscence, the annal, and its more complex form, the chronicle.
Causse E, Siri N, Annal JF, Bayle C, Malatray P, Valdiguie P, et al.
The late annal entries in the Peterborough Chronicle, for instance, show that in Peterborough the OE written standard was only given up after 1121.
8) Oskari Kajava, Etudes sur deux poemes francais relatifs a l'abbaye de Fecamp, Annal.
The phrase "wherof ye may reade, in Anno 1391" sounds like a reference to a chronicle, and the sentence following looks like the kind of brief notice one might find in an annal.
Farmer Cyril Annal, who owns Swona, which is a four-mile boat trip from South Ronaldsay, said: "These cows are unique all right.