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ANNEAlgorithms for Nonuniform Networks (research project; Academy of Finland)
ANNEAnalgesic Nephropathy Network of Europe (study)
ANNEArtificial Neural Network Ensemble (artificial intelligence)
ANNEAMANDA Neural Network Energy reconstruction
ANNEADVO [not an acronym] National Network Extension (Windsor, CT)
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Blantyre alighted at the gate, and was going to open it for Lady Anne, but she said, "I will wait for you here, and you can hang Auster's rein on the gate.
It was so sudden that Lady Anne was nearly unseated, but she soon recovered herself.
I am only trying to show you, my dear, that you must - you really must' (I was resolved not to give this up) - 'accustom yourself to look after Mary Anne.
This nerved me to get rid of Mary Anne, who went so mildly, on receipt of wages, that I was surprised, until I found out about the tea-spoons, and also about the little sums she had borrowed in my name of the tradespeople without authority.
What folly," murmured Anne of Austria, who had not the courage to find fault with the duke for having so well preserved her portrait in his heart, "what folly to feed a useless passion with such remembrances
Madame de Chevreuse was not queen," murmured Anne of Austria, overcome, in spite of herself, by the expression of so profound a passion.
His profession qualified him, his disposition lead him, to talk; and "That was in the year six;" "That happened before I went to sea in the year six," occurred in the course of the first evening they spent together: and though his voice did not falter, and though she had no reason to suppose his eye wandering towards her while he spoke, Anne felt the utter impossibility, from her knowledge of his mind, that he could be unvisited by remembrance any more than herself.
It seems to me they have been gone long enough to go around the world," sighed Anne.
Now, Anne, I noticed last night that you threw your clothes all about the floor when you took them off.
Anne was keeping her at a distance for the first time in Blanche's experience of her.
Oh, this is a moment worth living through weeks of storm and stress for," Anne exclaimed, delightedly sending her far gaze across the tossing waters from the top of the cliff where she stood.
as Anne had herself declared) to escape the pursuit from the Asylum.