ANOLAlternative Net Operating Losses
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15]N (% of that applied)(A) Predicted recovery of 12 63 4 43 15N if no other losses (% of that applied)(B) Observed ANOL 48 65 35 56 recovery (% of that applied) 12 August 1993 0-10 cm 0-30 cm Predicted loss of inert 95 49 tracer (% of that present at 0-10 cm on 21 July) Predicted loss of 74 38 [sup.
There was little potential for leaching between 5 and 12 August (Table 3) and there was no change in the recovery of ANOL.
There was no significant increase in the cumulative fractional recovery of ANOL with depth at either the first or second samplings (14 and 19 January 1994; Fig.
15]N as [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], indicated by simulation, was sufficient to account for the observed ANOL losses (Tables 4 and 5), and there was no need to invoke further denitrification to explain the losses.