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ANPAfghan National Police
ANPAutoridad Nacional Palestina (Spanish: Palestinian National Authority)
ANPAdult Nurse Practitioner
ANPAtrial Natriuretic Peptide
ANPAwami National Party (Pakistan)
ANPAgencia Nacional de Petroleo (Brazilian Petroleum Authority)
ANPAssociazione Nazionale Presidi
ANPA New Perspective
ANPAlgemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ANPÁreas Naturales Protegidas (Spanish: Protected Natural Areas)
ANPAmerican News Project
ANPAnnual Net Profit
ANPAnnouncement Player
ANPAuto Negotiation Protocol
ANPAdaptive Network Processor
ANPAdvanced Network Pack
ANPArchives of Neurology and Psychiatry (journal)
ANPArmée Nationale Populaire (French: People's National Army; Algeria)
ANPAdvance Notice Period
ANPAnatomy and Physiology (college department)
ANPAuthorized Nuclear Pharmacist
ANPAqueous Normal Phase (chromatography)
ANPAdministración Nacional de Puertos (Spanish)
ANPAdvanced Nurse Practitioner
ANPAnalytic Network Process
ANPAdvanced Nuclear Power
ANPAcadia National Park
ANPAmerican Nazi Party
ANPAircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANPAnimal Planet (cable channel)
ANPAsamblea Nacional Popular (Spanish: National Popular Assembly)
ANPAssistant Numérique Personnel (French)
ANPAir Navigation Plan
ANPAssociated Negro Press
ANPAmerican National Power
ANPAcute Necrotizing Pancreatitis
ANPActual Navigation Performance
ANPAnchor Point
ANPAll-Night Party
ANPArches National Park
ANPAssociation des Naturistes de Paris (French: Naturists Association of Paris; Paris, France)
ANPAssociation Nationale du Pottok (French: National Pottok Association; equine group)
ANPA Nice Pair (Pink Floyd compilation album)
ANPAutomatic Numbering Plan
ANPAutonomic Nerve Preservation
ANPAcid-Neutralizing Potential (geology)
ANPAnnapolis, MD Lee Airport (airport code)
ANPArmanien Nautile Plaisance (French boat insurance company)
ANPAnnualized New Premium (insurance industry)
ANPAllied Navigation Publication
ANPAuthorized No Pay (airlines, offered to employees when business is slow)
ANPAlpha Nutrition Program
ANPAverage Number of Personnel
ANPAlianze Nacional Progresista (National Progressive Alliance, Guatemala)
ANPAdvanced Network Processors
ANPAssistive Nursing Personnel (US HRSA)
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Through this alliance, the ANP is likely to drum up maximum support in its favour as its leaders are also engaged in talks with independent and dissident MPAs from other political parties.
Therefore, he said ANP has no separate women wing and has given representation to them at all level.
Sultan-i-Room advocate, another QWP activist, told this scribe that he along with Mutawakil would announce formal joining of ANP at a press conference within next few days.
They claimed that Awami National Party achieved a lot for Pakhtunkhwa and for the people of Pakhtunkhwa under the leadership of Asfandyar Khan during previous government of ANP in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and would continue fighting for the Pakhtuns rights.
The ANP leader called for unity for stopping the bloodshed of Pakhtuns in the region, saying that the ANP always struggled for peace in the region.
He said ANP is no more Bacha Khan and Wali Khan party, but it has become an opportunists party.
Meanwhile, ANP spokesman Senator Zahid Khan said that the militants consider ANP as the main hurdle in the implementation of their agenda in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Calismamizin amaci ANP'nin migren fizyopatolojisindeki rolunu goz onune alarak migrenli hastalarda baslangicta, aura ve atak donemlerinde serum ANP duzeylerini olcmek ve bunun saglikli kontrol grubu ile karsilastirmak, boylece serum ANP duzeyleri ile migren agrisi ozellikleri arasindaki iliskiyi arastirmaktir.
It is a NT, NP, an ANT and an ANP, each represented by 22 22.
Initial reports indicate that a small number of ANP officers have been killed and wounded and the number of insurgents killed is in double-digit figures.
However, Chao sees a long-lasting ANP gene on the horizon.
John, a pathologist at the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, and his colleagues report that, in mice, "genetically reduced production of ANP can lead to salt-sensitive hypertension.