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ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
ANPRAdvance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Reading (license plate camera system)
ANPRAssociation of National Park Rangers
ANPRAdvance Notice of Public Rulemaking (US EPA)
ANPRAtlantic Networks for Prevention Research (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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The approaches to consolidated capital standards described in the draft ANPR reflect input received and considered through engagement with insurance regulators, industry and accounting experts, and representatives from the insurance industry, among other interested parties," the ANPR said.
The Europe ANPR system market is segmented into the countries such as Germany, the U.
Yesterday's ANPR operation saw 541 vehicles stopped throughout Merseyside with 20 people arrested for offences including firearms, drugs, assault, possession of offensive weapons, drink/drug driving and driving while disqualified.
ANPR cameras are often fitted to police cars or deployed on mobile units.
ut, local residents who fear the system is an invasion of privacy have formed Royston Against ANPR - supported by national watchdog groups.
The report has recommended that every police force should have local ANPR policies in place and all forces should regularly monitor databases and prioritise reports requiring vehicles which should be stopped.
It is a fact that the ANPR approach to managing retail car parks is less confrontational than clamping and towing and is certainly more beneficial to drivers who do not suffer delays, inconvenience or extortionate release fees.
In response to comments on the ANPR, the FDIC proposed some changes to the standards in the NPR, but in a news release said it has retained a clear focus on improved transparency and a better alignment of incentives for strong underwriting in the securitization process.
We have integrated Arabic and English ANPR with technologies including mobile data communications, live mobile video streaming, GPS, vehicle location wireless protocols from WIMAX to Tetra for Level 5 security.
The ANPR merely requests comments on the proposed regulation and how best to approach the matter.
A OH no - this sounds like another case of the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).