ANPSArizona Native Plant Society
ANPSArkansas Native Plant Society
ANPSAnnals of Plastic Surgery
ANPSAnnandale North Public School (New South Wales, Australia)
ANPSAdvanced Naval Propulsion Symposium (ASNE)
ANPSAmerican National Straight Pipe (pipe thread)
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Since the beginning of 2002 the work of the ANPS has been carried out under the umbrella of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Toponymy - it is the principal activity of the Institute's historical and cultural toponymy section, and funding for the core directorate is assured until 2006 by a grant from the Vice-Chancellor's Millennium Innovations Fund of Macquarie University.
The ANPS collaborates closely with the state and territory nomenclature authorities who are responsible for the technical aspects of toponymy and placenames standardisation, to which we seek to add cultural information about the history, origin and meaning of placenames.
The ANPS has arranged a series of day conferences on placenames of Indigenous origin, from which selected papers have been published in a monograph (Hercus et al.