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ANRAgriculture and Natural Resources (University of California)
ANRActive Noise Reduction
ANRAlpha Natural Resources, Inc. (various locations)
ANRAgence Nationale de la Recherche (France)
ANRAgency of Natural Resources (Vermont)
ANRAmericans for Nonsmokers' Rights
ANRAbnormal (Telabs)
ANRAsociacion Nacional Republicana (Paraguay)
ANRAutomatic Network Routing
ANRAeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (Fascist Italian Republican National Air Force)
ANRApplied Nursing Research (journal)
ANRAlaskan NORAD Region (US DoD)
ANRAdult Nursing Relationship (erotic lactation)
ANRAkkineni Nageswara Rao (indian actor)
ANRAutomatic Noise Reduction
ANRAntwerp, Belgium - Deurne (Airport Code)
ANRAbsolute Neighborhood Retract (topology)
ANRAssociation Neurofibromatoses et Recklinghausen
ANRAccess Node Router
ANRAsociatia Nevazatorilor din România (Romanian)
ANRAtmosphère Normale de Référence (French)
ANRAdiabatic Nuclear Rotation
ANRAverage Net Receivables
ANRAssociation of Neutron Radiographers
ANRArizona Natural Resources, Inc (Phoenix, AZ)
ANRAir Navigation Route(s)
ANRAdrenalNET Radio
ANRAudio Numérique Recherche (French: Digital Audio Research)
ANRAverage Not Ready (call centers)
ANRAngelina & Neches Railway Company
ANRAverage Number of Runs
ANRAverage Noise Ratio
ANRAssign Net Rekey
ANRAwaiting Number Received
ANRAbsolute Natural Resources, LLC (ecological consulting; Arvada, CO)
ANRAdjusted Net Revenue
ANRA-Type Noise Reduction (Dolby cassette technology)
ANRAverage Negative Resistance
ANRAffidavit of No Records
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In 2014, she was a member of the first cohort of graduate students funded through a 3-year UC ANR pilot, the Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension program.
ANR, who began his acting career in 1941, has starred in 256 films of mostly Telugu language.
ANR Controller ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) connect directly to Phitek's ANR(TM) Capsules, which encapsulate the electro-acoustic science necessary to deliver pre-qualified performance out-of-the-box.
31, 2002, stating, "As of this date, the Planning Board denies the ANR application (submitted by Mr.
ANR responded by republishing the article, with the author's name redacted, and this statement in its place: "Robert Levy.
UC ANR has four major sources of revenue: state revenue allocated to UC; federal revenue based on various federal AES and CE-related acts; indirect cost recovery from contracts and grants and patent revenue generated by UCCE academics; and endowments and gifts.
ANR revealed that 60 percent of the film's shooting has been completed.
The ANR will continue to facilitate resolutions within the news industry while provoking other parties into deeds rather than words.
The Montelena community represents the first time we have used institutional capital to build homes to meet the needs of a community that is underserved by single-family housing in this price range," said Agustin Rodriguez, president of ANR Homes, Inc.
She retires this month as UC ANR vice president, director of the UC Agricultural Experiment Station, director of UC ANR Cooperative Extension and Russell Rustici Chair in Rangeland Management at UC Berkeley.
9 Million Severance and Rehiring Payments to ANR CEO & Chairman Triggered by Transaction
ANR managing director John Lennon cited Sabrina's Secrets magazine as the latest example.