ANSCAnimal and Avian Sciences (University of Maryland)
ANSCAuxiliary National Supply Center
ANSCAmerican National Standards Committee
ANSCAlabama New South Coalition (est. 1986)
ANSCAleutian North Slope Current
ANSCAllegheny North Swim Club (Pennsylvania)
ANSCAndover Service Center
ANSCAssociation of Norwegian Stockbroking Companies
ANSCAutonomous Navigation System Concept
ANSCAverage Non-Sunk Cost (economics)
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org from ANSC responding to an inquiry by Kamran Mir Hazar:
At its meeting, the ANSC noted a fall in rebel attacks across the country over the past one week.
The new ownership arrangement will benefit Novelis, Alcom and ANSC since it provides a more efficient way of managing the Malaysian businesses," said Martha Brooks, chief operating officer of Novelis.
ANSC is a specialty fin stock coating plant located in Bukit Raja, Selangor, Malaysia.
This was another strong quarter for ANSC, with revenue and earnings growth exceeding their expectations for the second consecutive quarter.
ANSC is expecting a 300% increase in revenues for the second quarter with explosive earnings compared to the same period in 1999.
ANSC currently has an agreement with America Online.
The results that ANSC is receiving from this agreement is exceeding all expectations.
ANSC reports that it anticipates sales revenues in excess of $4,000,000 from the Allcopiers.
ANSC announced that the Company will soon be able to offer instant loan approval through its Allnetmortgages.
ANSC is also expecting record second quarter numbers.
ANSC has achieved profitability for the first quarter ending March 31, 2000