ANSCAAlaska Native Settlement Claims Act
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67) ANSCA created twelve for-profit regional corporations and 200
a statutory scheme such as ANSCA, which attempts to handle land claims
ANSCA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) corporations now represent nearly half the revenue earned by the top Alaska companies and they employ more than half of the people employed by these companies.
ANSCA corporations are not just employers of their shareholders or other Alaska Natives either.
The political clout that Alaska Natives have in a common sense is because of ANSCA," Irwin continues.
With the 1971 ANSCA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) land entitlement of 12.
Before ANSCA, few of these programs, aside from the Alaska Native Medical Center and a few federal Bureau of Indian Affairs programs, existed, Marrs says.
Prior to ANSCA, all you had was a little bit of Fairbanks Native Association spending, a little bit of Tanana Chiefs Conference spending," Rogers says, "but basically in terms of the business community entities, that's all post-ANSCA.
Doyon, which was created as one of 13 Alaska Native regional corporations by Congress in 1971 under ANSCA, oversees 12.
Those few lines in the mammoth ANSCA agreement have had long-range implications.