ANSFAfghanistan National Security Forces
ANSFAzerbaijan National Science Foundation (scientific research; Azerbaijan)
ANSFNederlandse Scheepsmodelbouw Federatie (Dutch: Dutch Model Ship Association; Netherlands)
ANSFAmvets National Service Foundation (Lanham, MD)
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For years, the international community has pinned its hopes for peace in Afghanistan on the ANSF, pouring some $65 billion into training and equipping it between 2002 to 2015.
Production of the MTVs for ANSF will occur at Navistar's assembly plants located in Springfield, Ohio and West Point, Mississippi.
Thus, the opportunity to build a reasonably effective ANSF at a much more sustainable size--say 50,000--at the moment when the Taliban had disintegrated and were seeking to align with the victorious side according to Afghan custom, was lost.
Late in the morning, we were informed that members of the ANSF had undertaken an activity in our vicinity.
The Afghan government views recruitment of women into the ANSF, especially the Afghan National Police (ANP), as a key step to redress the trend of violence against women.
In both locations, the troop's primary focus was developing an active partnership with the ANSF.
Indeed, since the end of 2003 when the total ANSF consisted of approximately 6,000 personnel, both the ANA and the ANP have grown significantly.
As a result 20 armed Taliban were killed, 12 wounded and six other armed Taliban were arrested by the ANSF," the ministry said in a press statement.
In speaking with members of the local communities within the Shinwar District, it became apparent that the villagers did not consider the ANSF to be the legitimate, transparent "action arm" of the government in executing its duties and responsibilities according to Afghan constitutional law.
backed government in Kabul, led by President Hamid Karzai, is gearing up to take control of Afghan security despite concerns that the Afghan National Security Forces, or ANSF, may not be ready to enforce order on their own.
Similarly, any US residual force that will stay behind following negotiations will likely have a limited role, with additional US military used primarily as force protection: protecting US and international trainers instead of directly assisting ANSF if needed, the two experts argue.
Mr Hague said: "Vetting and screening of recruits to the ANSF is getting stronger.