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ANSPAgence Nationale des Services à la Personne (French: National Agency for Services of the People)
ANSPAcademy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
ANSPAir Navigation Service Provider
ANSPAcademia Nacional de Seguros e Previdência
ANSPAcademic Network at São Paulo (Brazil)
ANSPAerospace Nuclear Safety Program
ANSPAdaptive Network Sensor Processor
ANSPAgility Network Services Platform
ANSPAsthma Nurse Specialist
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Airservices has been operationally separating aircraft with ADS-B for a decade and became the first ANSP to commission a continent-wide ADS-B system.
Notification exchanges to log on to and hand off between ANSP Fans ground systems.
With a working level focus, the CANSO MEAUSE conference brings all stakeholders together - Regulators, ANSPs, Airports, Military & Civil Airspace Users and Suppliers - to join their Middle East Colleagues to discuss progress on agreed activities, to share experiences and views, to exchange best practice, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly take the next step towards successful regional stakeholder collaboration.
The representatives included all the members of the Canso Middle East region, key civil aviation organisations and ANSPs, airlines, IATA, ICAO, and several important industry suppliers.
Based on their types in the MMUE, BMNH and ANSP collections respectively (Figs 13-16), it is probable that Mangelia chrysolitha Melvill & Standen, 1896, and Clathurella birtsi Preston, 1908, are synonyms of K.
The ANSP sector has experienced extraordinary innovation over twenty years.
SIERRA LEON: ANSP 158497 (237), Freetown, 8[degrees]29'24"N, 13[degrees]11'30"W, 6 m, hook and line, 9 Feb 1968, RV Undaunted Cr.
Available data from the five ANSPs indicate that since commercialization, the safety of air navigation services has remained the same or improved; each ANSP has taken steps to control costs; and each ANSP has reportedly lowered costs and improved efficiency through investments in new technologies and equipment.
Two out of 27 lots at the DMNH and 3 lots out of 30 at ANSP had valves with hydroids (Table 1).
norrisi has occurred, at least sporadically, north of Point Conception since the late 1800's (ANSP 319023, likely pre-1900, Monterey, California; ANSP 388241, unda ted, Monterey, California; LACM 46-35.
ANSP can be used to provide password protection to devices like printers that have no other security, or to provide an additional level of security on AppleTTalk Remote Access dial-ups or AppleShare compatible servers.
The company presents as well its new cyber security system tailored for ATM infrastructure and airport environment which can provide ANSP and airport stakeholders with an assured security strategy, from risk analysis to safety evaluations, from impact analysis and robust solutions to secure platforms and CNS networks, from identity and authorization management to open source intelligence.