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ANTECAnnual Technical Conference (plastics engineers)
ANTECAntarctic Neotechtonics (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
ANTECAtlantic Native Teachers' Education Conference (Canada)
ANTECAboriginal Native Title Elders Consultants
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No paper will be required-only a presentation that will be subject to review and approval by the ANTEC Advisory Committee.
The Avery Dennison ANTEC presentation described how impurities such as gels, dirt or other contaminants can cause polypropylene films to become defective.
As part of the agreement ANTEC will become a business agent for CEON's software products and it is also planning to make a small investment in CEON.
As part of the alliance ANTEC plans to make an equity investment in Chromatis.
SPE organizers also are leveraging the fact that ANTEC is taking place practically across the street from Disneyland to present a panel discussion on creativity and innovation on the exhibit floor on Tuesday evening.
A processing emphasis will be obvious among many companies in the ANTEC exhibition space of the JW Marriott Indianapolis (with over 75 companies exhibiting, as of press time).
Throughout the three days of ANTEC there will be a series of tutorials in Extrusion and Injection Molding technology and our newly added Plastics University forum, which brings the basics to those who are new to the industry or just need a refresher.
They reported the results at the SPE ANTEC meeting in Boston in May.
Meanwhile, ANTEC Orlando (March 23-25) will see 18 technical sessions occurring concurrently in each half-day program, meaning that more than 100 sessions will take place over the course of the three days.
was launched at the recent SPE ANTEC meeting in Chicago.