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ANTECAntarctic Neotechtonics (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
ANTECAtlantic Native Teachers' Education Conference (Canada)
ANTECAboriginal Native Title Elders Consultants
ANTECAnnual Technical Conference (plastics engineers)
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SPI's role in all three ANTEC events will include producing a "Business of Plastics" conference to be held alongside SPE's technical conference; selling co-located exhibit space as well as promotional opportunities for corporate sponsors; and contributing to the marketing of the entire ANTEC program.
Please contact Jim Bauer at ANTEC Corporation with any questions at 678-473-2647 or jim.
Davis has also served as the vice president of engineering at ANTEC Network Systems, where he managed the company's RF and Optical CATV Products development groups and VeriFiber Technologies, where he was the Vice President of Engineering.
In addition to our Orlando ANTEC, the year 2012 will be the first in which we organize a second ANTEC event
The new wavelength router is a technological breakthrough, providing significantly lower losses than traditional 'thin-film filter' products for high wavelength counts, without increasing costs," said Mark Taylor, ANTEC Vice President, Optical Transmission SBU.
ANTEC is the place to gain exposure to developments and people from throughout the entire industry.
We are extremely pleased to have Chris on board as Vice President, Digital Sales in Europe," said Ron Coppock, President, ANTEC International.
This is an opportunity to make appointments with experts who will be at ANTEC for free consultations.
We have had the opportunity to observe Tim in action through his association with Arris, and we are very excited about what he brings to the table for ANTEC," said Ron Coppock, President, ANTEC International.
Together, ANTEC and Ceon have shown they can deliver a cutting-edge, vendor-neutral VoIP service fulfillment solution that will prove to be an absolute necessity for service providers who wish to compete in this space.
Under the amended agreement, Nortel Networks and ANTEC will immediately prior to closing contribute to Arris Interactive L.
This effort involving Nortel Networks, Arris Interactive and ANTEC, will provide the technological and operational expertise necessary for Charter to deploy IP telephony," said Mr.