ANTIAAssociazione Nazionale Tecnici Industria Abbigliamento (Italian: National Association of the Technical Clothing Industry; Milan, Italy)
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ZAUR ANTIA insists he won't follow Billy Walsh to the USA after being appointed as interim head coach of Irish boxing's High Performance Unit.
Referring to the De bello italico he makes the following statement: "This is, however, not a translation, but a work composed by myself, in the same way that Livy drew upon Valerius Antias or Polybius and then arranged the material according to his own judgment" ("Est autem haec non translatio, sed opus a me compositum, quemadmodum Livius a Valerio Antiate, vel a Polybio Megapolitano sumpsit, et arbitratu suo disposuit").
43) The vel is thus significant: Livy draws upon Valerius Antias or upon Polybius.