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ANTICAlpha Numeric Television Interface Controller
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Still his wit was never frozen, nor his sunshiny temper beclouded; and his innumerable antics and practical jokes, while they quickened the circulation of his own blood, kept his companions in high good-humor.
After a time, in some of the antics, getting hazy myself, I lost him.
If I had, I could have wept sentimental tears to-night, and the clownish antics of that precious pair would have but enhanced the beauty of their voices and the beauty of the accompanying orchestra.
Comcomly made his people perform antics before them; and his wives and daughters endeavored, by all the soothing and endearing arts of women, to find favor in their eyes.
The meat was smoking hot and the knives and forks were performing strange antics and jumping here and there in quite a puzzling way.
One was dressed like a clown, and performed funny antics, and the others leaped over the spoons and dishes and ran around the table like race-horses, and turned hand-springs and were so sprightly and amusing that they kept the company in one roar of merry laughter.
But after she had counted ten, and the bell continued to ring, she knew that not only the royal family of Ev, but Ozma and her followers also, were being restored to their natural forms, and she was so delighted that the antics of the angry King only made her laugh merrily.
ANTIC, through its subsidiaries, also brings a software system that will connect and coordinate all aspects of the real estate transaction, as well as consulting services and fee-based educational offerings for its agents.
In Alexandroupoulis, Greece, at the first oil and gas forum organized by the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics and the American-Greek Chamber of Commerce, Antic met with the Greek and Bulgarian energy ministers, George Stathakis and Temenuzhka Petkova.
Muscat: India Olympian and former Oman assistant hockey coach Joe Antic, who had been hospitalised a few days ago, died on Tuesday, according to family sources.
Antic has signed a 2+1 year contact with Fenerbahce E[pounds sterling]lker in a signing ceremony held at Fenerbahce E[pounds sterling]lker Sports Arena.
Hill 2-5, Copeland 1-1, Stephenson 1-2, Watson 1-4, George 1-6, West 0-1, Butler 0-1), Atlanta 9-35 (Korver 3-8, Williams 2-5, Teague 2-6, Carroll 1-2, Millsap 1-4, Antic 0-4, Scott 0-6).