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ANTUAlphanaphthyl Thiourea
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Even though he has moved his workshop to Lubok Antu, Lembang still obtains his clay from an old source located in Nanga Sumpa.
Their essay concerns, more specifically, marriages between Chinese and Iban living in the largely rural, Iban-majority Lubok Antu District of Sarawak, especially in and around Engkelili and Lubok Antu bazaars.
Seventy houses in a village in Antu were destroyed, while 570 families in a mountain valley had to leave their homes after the area was submerged beneath 20 metres of water.
Antu Maprani (1), Tom Al (1), Kerry Macquarrie (1), John Dalziel (2), Phillip Yeats (2) and Matthew Leybourne (3)
Antu Mapu Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 1998 (Tesco, pounds 3.
Contract awarded for Stationery And Others - Ji Antu
A man holds a large skull which is said to be that of an antu gerasi, or forest ogre.
Groneberg (1981: 113 and 120, as well as 1997: 76 and 88) derives a-an-ti from CAD A 146 antu A 'ear (of barley)' and translates "das Tanzenlassen der Ahren.
The team from the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command in Hawaii will go to a site near the town of Antu in hopes of finding the remains of Snoddy and fellow pilot Norman Schwartz of Louisville, Ky.
This paper consists of a collection of personal narratives relating to Chinese-Iban intermarriages in Engkelili and Lubok Antu.
dining wooden deck and iron base with 6 chairs (upholstered black gender) 150cm x 90cm x 75cm high, mark apollo, antu or equivalent
Together with his wife Antu and Istar and her retinue, he moved to the temple Res, which became more important than Eanna, previously the main sanctuary of Uruk.