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ANXAscending Node Crossing (satellites)
ANXassign NNXX routing (US DoD)
ANXAnnex Records
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange (AIAG)
ANXAdvanced Network Exchange
ANXAdventrx Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA)
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ANX is known for their operational excellence and ability to help merchants become PCI compliant.
SecureHIP joins the ANX suite of Healthcare solutions which allows the trusted exchange of information within Healthcare communities.
New Levels of Efficiency and Improved ROI: ANXMatrix is powered by servers residing on the ANX Network, eliminating the need for costly, time- consuming and maintenance-intensive hardware and software installations.
Private, secure ANX network performance -- no line-busy frustrations
Using Alacritech's ANX 1500, Logan was able to achieve dramatic performance gains.
By using Alacritech's ANX 1500, Rainmaker dramatically increased data speeds while taking a tremendous load off of its BlueArc(TM) Model 3210 NAS controllers.
When the ANX 1500 is used in conjunction with existing back-end NAS systems, higher throughput can be achieved with far less latency than otherwise available.
The ANX 1500 is an NFS Throughput Acceleration appliance that for the first time successfully addresses this issue through its patented NFS Bridge[TM] data caching technology.
For ANX PositivePRO customers the bulk of connections were never affected by this flaw, since the majority doesn't use SSL.
As a leading provider of managed security, compliance and connectivity solutions, ANX protects thousands of locations around the world.
To maintain business continuity in spite of employees not being able to reach their office, companies have been increasing their purchases of ANX PositivePRO to keep employees connected to corporate networks and assets in a secure and efficient manner.