ANZAMAustralian and New Zealand Academy of Management
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Following the decision to grant independence to Malaya in 1957, ANZAM was renewed, leading to a more substantive commitment: the Anglo Malayan Agreement on External Defence and Mutual Assistance (Crowe 2001, p.
1994) 'Unemployment to Entrepreneurship: Conditions that Launch Redundant Workers into Self-employment', Proceedings of the ANZAM '94 Conference.
They remarked respectfully at ANZAM '98 (the collective gathering of Australian and New Zealand Management scholars) that our scene seemed orthodox, dull, even quiescent.
The most recent writing in this area, which also contains a good bibliography, is by Nicholas Beaumont, "Appropriate Analysis of Ordinal Data," ANZAM Conference Proceedings (Melbourne, Australia: Monash University, 1997).
10 Until the British withdrawal and the almost concurrent demise of the South East Asia Treaty Organisation, Australia and New Zealand focused their regional military efforts through the ANZAM (Australia and New Zealand in Malaysia) process with Britain and through SEATO.
Manufacturing intent: new directions for Australian business", Paper presented at ANZAM 94 (Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management 1994 Conference), Wellington, New Zealand, December 1994.
We also would like to thank the delegates of the ANZAM 2013 Conference for their constructive feedback on an earlier version of this paper.
2009) A sustainable model for university-industry learning partnership: Issues for universities, in: Book of Abstracts for the ANZAM 2009 Conference, 1-4 December 2009, Southbank, Melbourne.
The newly independent Malayan government's foreign policy inclinations towards the West--epitomised by the priority placed on relations with Britain and the Commonwealth--along with Malaya's participation in ANZAM (an informal consultative defence network with Australia and New Zealand) and AMDA (Anglo-Malayan Defence Agreement) clashed with the Sukarno government's policy of nonalignment.