ANZDLAustralia New Zealand Direct Line (ocean transportation)
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ANZDL has also invested in new software which enables customer service representatives to view shipper's key requirement profiles during a live phone call.
Leading the way in the development of e-commerce solutions for the transportation industry, ANZDL has consistently been at the forefront in identifying and implementing technology to more effectively manage the way cargo is transported overseas.
ANZDL uses Versata's technology to speed the flow of information and make its service more timely and efficient for shippers by using the Web.
By enabling ANZDL for more efficient transportation solutions, they are positioned to retain their market leadership with technology that will positively impact their customer service," said Mike DeVries, Versata's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.
ANZDL is part of CP Ships, the container shipping business of Canadian Pacific Limited.
Interactive Intelligence(R) (Nasdaq:ININ), a leading developer of multi-channel customer interaction management software, today announced that ANZDL, an international shipping company headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, had completed global implementation of the Enterprise Interaction Center(R) (EIC) by Interactive Intelligence.
EIC currently supports over 300 ANZDL call center and enterprise users dispersed among the company's three locations.
ANZDL staff use EIC's soft phone, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), and unified messaging to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer service.
Though NYK Line, ANZDL and MOL are eager to get the word out about their value-added services, other carriers are not so quick to promote their capabilities.
The key for ANZDL is setting up a true partnership to ensure that our customers are getting a high level of service as opposed to simply oursourcing.
The first was implemented last year with the introduction of the Vessel Sharing Agreement, which allowed ANZDL to lower its systems costs and offer shippers improved, twice-weekly service in the trade with direct calls into the Australian ports of Melbourne and Sydney.
By stripping out costs wherever possible, ANZDL has not had to sacrifice its long-standing performance levels in the face of falling rates, allowing it to remain highly competitive in even the most economically challenging times.