ANZJCAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
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Table 4 shows the most-cited authors in ANZJC in 1986-90 (those ranked 50 or less).
Surprisingly, the rankings of these 46 authors in ANZJC were (nearly significantly) negatively correlated with their rankings in BJC (rho= -.
It might also be argued that the most parochial country is the United States, since a lower proportion of the most cited authors in CRIM were non-native (6 per cent) than in BJC (29 per cent), CJC (50 per cent) or ANZJC (59 per cent).
Certainly, BJC, CJC, and ANZJC interpret criminology widely, with perhaps the majority of their articles concerned with the processing of offenders.
After counting citations in BJC, CRIM, CJC, and ANZJC in 1986-90, we concluded that four criminologists seem to have been particularly influential in all the major countries of the English-speaking world at that time: Marvin E.