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ANZUSAustralia, New Zealand, & United States
ANZUSAustralia-New Zealand-United States Security Treaty
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The ANZUS Alliance in an Ascending Asia, Centre of Gravity Series Paper 23 (Canberra, ACT: Australian National Univ.
In 1984, the nature of the ANZUS alliance changed after the Government of New Zealand refused access to its ports by nuclear-weapons-capable and nuclear-powered ships of the U.
In 1996 Calder wrote that the San Francisco system had its origins in the US-Japan alliance, and that other alliances such as ANZUS, the US bilateral treaty with South Korea, and SEATO completed "the formal narrowly military architecture of Pacific defense" (Calder 1996).
Taking a cue from the ANZUS binational purchase, USAFE encouraged the formation of two additional squadrons in Europe, the first a NATO attack squadron modeled after the alliance's successful Airborne Warning and Control System and C-17 squadrons.
As an active member of the Socialist Forum, she lobbied for the scrapping of the ANZUS treaty, making Leningrad a sister city of Melbourne.
In 1985, ANZUS alliance member New Zealand announced it would no longer accept any nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed US Navy ship.
A distinguished New Zealand historian covers this small country's relations with the United States from World War II to the present--from times of close alliance through very rough times, when New Zealand turned against the United States and withdrew from the alliance (the ANZUS Treaty) based on a political anti-nuclear, anti-American agenda coming out of the war in Vietnam.
And the 50S was to see the ANZUS Treaty come into force--its signing marked a significant shift in foreign and defence policy for New Zealand, which until then had been inextricably linked with the motherland Great Britain.
While Prime Minister Rudd views the United States and the ANZUS alliance as central to Australia's security he has indicated that Australia would begin a staged withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
alliance under ANZUS is "very important" (37%) or "fairly important" (42%) to Australia's security.
ANZUS has been 're-interpreted' into a global pact that will very likely, though not inevitably, commit Australia to military action with the US anywhere in the world .