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ANZUSAustralia, New Zealand, & United States
ANZUSAustralia-New Zealand-United States Security Treaty
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Charlie Oppenheimer, President and CEO of Digital Fountain commented, "We are pleased to see ANZUS employ Digital Fountain's technology as a key element of its offerings to the US government.
In 1984, the nature of the ANZUS alliance changed after the Government of New Zealand refused access to its ports by nuclear-weapons-capable and nuclear-powered ships of the U.
The ANZUS alliance had its roots in the depredations of another Pacific country--Japan.
alliance under ANZUS is "very important" 37 percent or "fairly important" 42 percent to Australia's security.
As I will show later, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard had positioned himself in these Iraq debates as upholding the ANZUS alliance.
ANZUS has been 're-interpreted' into a global pact that will very likely, though not inevitably, commit Australia to military action with the US anywhere in the world .
42) Externally, New Zealand's strategic relations were also drastically revised, with historian James Belich going so far as to term its suspension from the ANZUS defence alliance as, 'in a strange mutated way', New Zealand's war of independence.
In "The Untold Story Behind New Zealand's ANZUS Breakdown" Bernard Moran and Trevor Loudon reveal for the first time the real story of how New Zealand was taken out of the ANZUS alliance (and provide hitherto unpublished testimony of a New Zealand trade unionist selected to attend a specialist course in political subversion at the Lenin Institute in Moscow).
In the Cold War, the United States promoted treaty organizations to contain the Soviet Union (NATO, SEATO, ANZUS, the U.
It will be replaced by the new Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations, better known as ANZSCO, and no relation to ASIO, ANZUS, ACCC, ACER, Microsoft or Bega cheese.
Richardson, 2005, ANZUS Free Trade Agreements: Results from a global model, in S.
Roy Smith states that New Zealand's 1984 decision to distance itself from a defense policy based on reliance on the United States' nuclear capabilities, under the ANZUS Treaty signed in 1951 had far-reaching consequences.