AOCCAmerican Orthodox Catholic Church
AOCCAlumni of Color Conference (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
AOCCAirport Operations Control Centre
AOCCAir Operations Control Center
AOCCAir Operations Coordination Center
AOCCAir Operations Co-ordination Centre
AOCCAtlantic Operations Control Center (US FAA)
AOCCAlternate Operations Command Center
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You can store just about everything in AOCC, and media can be streamed from it, so stored films can be accessed and viewed without having to download the actual file.
Designed from the outset to be Bengaluru's central operation data and information hub, the AOCC forms the heart of the airport's day-to-day life, supporting its information systems and dictating overall control of its day-to-day activities.
KBC will also supply a complete OCC fiber processing system to an undisclosed paper producer in China that will use the equipment to process AOCC and LOCC in the production of linerboard.
Thanks to its innovative process optimisation solution, Thales s modular and scalable AOCC will allow Aeroports de Lyon to run airport operations efficiently and effectively.
The AOCC represents its members' interests in Washington, D.
The implementation of AOCC had been planned at 10 airports in June, 2012 at an estimated cost of Rs.
The AOCC was monitoring the movement of the Boeing 777 and as it entered the wrong taxiway, it alerted all the agencies.
Even though Lane County pays dues to the AOCC, we aren't even allowed to pick the person representing us within the association.
The AOCC has been set up by Airports Authority of India (I) bringing together other stakeholders including airlines, ground handlers and security agencies under one platform.
The editors are under a false impression that the association can be reformed from within, but the AOCC is unreformable.
The equipment will be installed in a new recycle mill that will process 500 metric tons/day of AOCC to produce high quality linerboard.
The data gathered by the AOCC will be made publically available with the endorsement of the African Union.