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AOCEAoc at End of Call
AOCEApple Open Collaboration Environment
AOCEAttitude and Orbit Control Electronics
AOCEAcademic Outreach, Continuing Education
AOCEAssociation of Oregon Correctional Employees
AOCEAdvice of Charge, End of Call (Sprint)
AOCEAviation Operations Center East (US)
AOCEAppleTalk Open Collaboration Environment
AOCEAlpha-Omega Change Engineering, Inc.
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He says this will not be the case for the proposed AOCE.
AOCE is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) intended to link and integrate a variety of communication methods as well as communications from different platforms [1].
In addition to its close ties with Microsoft's messaging products, StarNine Mail can be integrated with any MHS-based system using MailLink MHS gateways as well as Apple's AOCE environment with our PowerTalk gateway.