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AOCIAccumulated Other Comprehensive Income
AOCIAirport Operators Council International (now Airports Association Council International)
AOCIAirborne Ocean Color Imager
AOCIAccredited Off-Campus Instruction
AOCIAdoption Option Committee, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
AOCIAirport Operations Council International
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The objective of ASU 2013-02 is to improve the transparency of changes in OCI, and items reclassified out of AOCI in the financial statements.
The increase in funded position can be attributed to the increase in market value over the moving average market valuation and to the exclusion of AOCI in the calculation of this ratio.
Any systematic method of amortizing gains or losses may be used in lieu of the minimum specified in the previous paragraph provided that (a) the minimum is used in any period in which the minimum amortization is greater (reduces the net balance included in AOCI by more), (b) the method is applied consistently, and (c) the method is applied similarly to both gains and losses.
Computed as Actual or Annualized after-tax operating income divided by average AIG shareholders' equity, excluding AOCI.
The net pension liability is recognized on the balance sheet; previously deferred amounts are charged to AOCI, offset by a deferred tax asset, using an assumed tax rate of 35%.
Operating revenues, operating expenses, operating earnings, operating earnings available to common shareholders, operating earnings available to common shareholders per diluted common share, book value per common share, excluding AOCI, book value per diluted common share, excluding AOCI, operating return on MetLife, Inc.
Annual operating return on average equity (ROE)(3), excluding AOCI, was 10.
31, 2011, reflecting 2012 net income of $350 million, share and warrant share repurchases totaling $449 million, common and preferred dividends of $217 million as well as an increase in AOCI from $1.
Book value per share outstanding before impact of AOCI is a non-GAAP financial measure that management believes is important in evaluating the balance sheet in order to ignore the effects of unrealized amounts primarily associated with mark-to-market adjustments on investments and foreign currency translation.
shareholders' equity from continuing operations excluding AOCI
80, and to achieve a return on average equity, excluding after-tax net capital gains and losses from net income and AOCI from equity, in the range of 8% to 9%.
Stockholders' equity per diluted common share, including AOCI