AOCSAmerican Oil Chemists Society
AOCSAviation Officer Candidate School (US Navy)
AOCSAustralian Ovarian Cancer Study
AOCSAttitude and Orbital Control System
AOCSAcademy of Clinician Scholars
AOCSSenior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman (Naval rating)
AOCSAtlantic Outer Continental Shelf
AOCSAutonomous Onboard Command System
AOCSAtmospheric Optical Calibration System
AOCSAir Operations C4I Suite
AOCSAdvanced Online Carrier Switch
AOCSAmerican Open Currency Standard
AOCSAttitude and Orbitalal Control Subsystem
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Of course, in the AOCS "Books Plus" product the standard book is also included for your home, school, or office use.
The AOCS will continue to publish "Inform," a monthly business and scientific publications that is targeted to professionals interested in the science and technology of fats and oils, surfactants, detergents, proteins, oleochemicals, and related substances.
Contact AOCS in the USA on tel: +1 217 359 5401 or visit: www.
The issues that surface at AOCS because of its international makeup are numerous.
There is significant overlap in our research and technologies, and making that information accessible is crucial for developing standards and maintaining the integrity of the cosmetic industry," shared Rick Theiner, chairperson, surfactants and detergents division, AOCS.
Joint Meeting: 98th AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo, and 27th ISF Congress Quebec, Canada Contact AOCS, USA
Mehar Manku accepted the jade sculpture of a galloping horse symbolising the award on behalf of the Horrobin family at the 94th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.
Nor have North Americans received a perspective of what AOCS means to non-North American members.
com/research/2kb56m/hydrogenation_of) has announced the addition of AOCS Press's book "Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition Books Plus" to their offering.
The American Oil Chemists' Society is proud to announce that Clover Corporation Ltd and Food Science Australia jointly received the 2003 AOCS Corporate Achievement Award.
com/research/2zm5r9/single_cell_oils) has announced the addition of AOCS Press's new book "Single Cell Oils: Microbial and Algal Oils, 2nd Edition, Books Plus" to their offering.
The American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) and Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) have developed programming targeted for the cosmetic industry for the 106th AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases in Orlando, Florida, May 3-6, 2015.