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AODAdvanced Optical Disc (blue laser based storage technology)
AODAMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) OverDrive
AODAlcohol and Other Drugs
AODArchdiocese of Detroit
AODArmy of Darkness
AODAutomatic Overdrive
AODAerosol Optical Depth
AODAir Operated Diaphragm (used as elastomer or pump)
AODAngels of Death
AODAssociated Owners & Developers
AODAstro on Demand (video on demand services)
AODAudio On Demand
AODAdministrator on Duty
AODAssembly of Dust (band)
AODAbove Ordnance Datum (height relative to the average sea level at Newlyn, Cornwall UK)
AODAlt Om Data (Danish computer magazine)
AoDAnime on DVD (Anime web site)
AODAction On Decision (IRS)
AODAcademy of Design
AODAdult Onset Diabetes
AODArt of Dying (band)
AODAdministrative Officer of the Day
AODAngle of Departure
AODAvailable on Demand
AODAlive or Dead
AODApplications on Demand (IBM)
AODArterial Occlusive Disease (medical disorder)
AODArt of Drowning (AFI album)
AODAccounting of Disclosures (HIPAA requirement)
AODArt of Defence (strategy games)
AODAdrenalin Od (band)
AODArgon Oxygen Decarbonization
AODAcknowledgement of Debt
AODAtlanto-Occipital Dislocation
AODAs Of Date
AODAir Operations Directive (USAF)
AODAutomatic Opening Device (activates a reserve parachute at a pre-determined altitude)
AODAssays on Demand
AODApprovisionnement Outils Diamants (French: Diamond Tools Supply)
AODAngel Of Disease (band)
AODAngels of Doom (gaming clan)
AODAge of Despair
AODArea Oriented Depot
AODArt of Dreaming (book by Carlos Castaneda)
AODon-line diagnostic (US DoD)
AODAirway Obstructive Disease
AODAlways on Duty
AODAdmitting Officer of the Day
AODAndrada Olivier Dépannage (French electronics maintenance company)
AODAverage Outage Duration
AODArchitecture Overview Diagram
AODAcquisition Oversight Division (US DoD)
AODAlleged Onset of Disability
AODAdministrative Operations Division
AODArea of Deployment
AODAdult Organizational Development
AODActivity Operations Director
AODAlarme Optique Domotique (French: Optical Detectors Home Automation; security company)
AODADEOS-II Operational Document
AODAdvance Ordnance Detachment
AODAir Officer of the Day
AODArea Officer of the Day
AODAcoustic-Optics Device
AODAnalyst on Duty
AODAnticipatory Obligation Directive
AODAviation Officer of the Day
AODAirspace Operations Demonstration
AODAppareillage Orthopédique Dussac (French orthopedic equipment supplier)
AODAmerican Oxford Dictionary
AODAssign Online Diagnostics
AODAdvance on the Docket (legal)
AODArmy of Drinkers (Jack Colton forum members)
AODAcousto-Optic Deflector
AODAngle Open Distance (glaucoma)
AODAncient of Days
AODAnswers on Demand (software)
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A comment from the AOD FCU board was not immediately available.
AOD has also recently been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing software companies in all of the US.
Although private insurance spending as a dollar amount has remained stable, it has been declining as a share of total AOD treatment expenditures since 1986, when private insurance contributed $2.
2006) noted by Kumar is one that attempts to retrieve AOD from MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) observations over bright surfaces.
Postnatal environmental factors include family context (for example, parent-child interaction, parental mental stability, parental AOD use, and domestic violence) and the context of poverty (for example, nutrition, stable housing, access to health care, and community violence) (Carta et al.
As the first fully certified EHR (electronic health record) system in long-term care, Answers(TM) Clinical EHR Solution from AOD Software connects staff, residents, and management in senior health care, continuing care, retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing care facilities with up-to-the-moment health information.
AOD Diamond Sponsors are Appliance Warehouse, AT&T Connected Communities, AZUMA Leasing, Coin-mach Corporation, HD Supply, RealPage Inc.
Problematic AOD use by employed people potentially has negative implications for their health since untreated and undertreated health problems, including harmful AOD use, exact substantial costs from individuals and their employers.
Simonton was hired in December 2012 to lead AOD FCU.
AODs have great spatial resolution (10 km) and can be estimated at finer spatial resolutions (5 km and 2 km), which is likely to be more robust than the coarse resolution AOD (Kumar et al.
However, a new episode of AOD is occurring as there have been reports of a rapid decline in oak tree health - particularly in mature trees over 50-years-old - and an increase in tree mortality in some areas.