AODBAirport Operational Database (Air-Transport IT Services, Inc.)
AODBAir Operations Database
AODBAmerican Organization for the Development of Bihar (San Francisco, CA; est. 1992)
AODBAmerican Stock Exchange Options Display Book
AODBAutomated Operation Data Bank (economics)
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AODB captures what is pertinent from each airport application to take in information from more than one application at once.
Designed to replace the current paper books used by options specialists, AODB is a fully automated electronic book that increases the speed and accuracy of options executions.
AODB automates many of the specialist's "administrative" tasks in real time, including:
Unisys said it also led the overall systems integration and interface design, testing, and commissioning for the new Terminal 2 and the integration of the new AODB with Terminal 1.
This insight offers a definition of an AODB and reviews some of the data sets necessary for airports to operate efficiently.
The Chroma Airport Suite also incorporates AODB, FIDS, RMS, demand forecasting and in-depth business intelligence.
From a technical aspect, the Jorge Chavez International Airport has an AODB system to manage air traffic and a BMS system to manage the operation of the air terminal's operating functions (such as the elevators, escalators, air conditioning and fire detection systems), a CCTV system for monitoring the air terminal and tarmac flows, and an ACS system to control security access.
Information from UFIS and other sources is stored in the AODB and is made available to authorized users and applications.
Our next-generation Chroma airport suite offers AODB, FIDS, resource management system, message broker, pax verification, SMS FIDS and an airport billing system.
The airport seeks a suitable supplier to offer an AODB (airport operational database) system, giving the functionality to support FIDS and ATC movements, aeronautical billing, movement scheduling and administration, dynamic digital display and signage.
Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBIA) is looking for a suitable supplier to provide an AODB system providing the functionality to support FIDS and ATC Movements, Aeronautical Billing, Movement Scheduling and Administration, Dynamic Digital Display and Signage, Resource Management Scheduling (RMS) and Systems Integration and Performance.