AODDAir Operated Double Diaphragm
AODDAlcohol and Other Drug Dependence (addiction)
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The Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS is available for use in Wilden Advanced Series bolted and Original Series clamped AODD pumps, and its robust design makes it ideal for use in harsh operating environments and includes ATEX compliance for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Wilden says that due to its revolutionary design, the patent-pending Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS allows Wilden AODD pumps to achieve up to a 60 percent savings in air consumption over all competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing greater product yield per standard cubic fool per minute (SCFM).
Due to their unique 100% PTFE material and construction including a nylon reinforced, neoprene elastomer backing, these pump diaphragms have proven longer-life performance, thereby reducing AODD pump maintenance costs in chemical and caustic applications.
175, suitable for large plants with dedicated colors; PMP 150, available in pail or wail-mounted configurations; PMP 150, suitable for manual finishing applications; and AODD pumps, low pressure circulating systems that transfer materials from one location to another.
Saniflo[R] Hygienic Series (HS) metal AODD pumps have been specifically designed with a variety of features to help pharmaceutical manufacturers maximize their process efficiency, including a number of elastomer options such as full stroke PTFE integral piston diaphragms.
The company offers pumping technologies such as rotary lobe, centrifugal, circumferential piston, and AODD, as well as hygienic valves and flow meters.
BIOCOR Series AODD Pumps feature a wide array of design features that help make them ideal for use in applications that require the highest level of sterile operation.
The AODD pump itself and the hoses are available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel/acetal and stainless steel/polypropylene to allow even aggressive chemicals to be transferred.
Full Stroke PTFE (Teflon[R]) Diaphragms are now available for use on all of the company's AODD pump lines.
Tri-Ark Ltd, a supplier of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps and related equipment, is not only moving to new premises in Essex but it has also announced that from now on they will also be distributing the range of Blagdon AODD pumps in London and the surrounding northern counties.
While the earliest AODD pumps were born of the need to remove water or other liquids from where they didn't belong, over the years the AODD design has been modified to fit the operational parameters of many other industries.
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