AODEAutomatic Overdrive Electronic (transmission)
AODEAlcohol and Other Drug Effects (health)
AODEAlcohol and Other Drug Education Program (various locations)
AODEAge Of Data Ephemerals
AODEAveraged One-Dependence Estimator (computer science)
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An Employee Involvement (EI) process created cross functional teams of hourly employees, supervisors, process engineers and quality control representatives for each AODE component.
The AODE launch training team, for example, had the challenge of training employees on new transfer lines and machines that were purchased specifically for this program.
WHO: Interview and photo opportunities are available with Gene Wise, manager, Livonia Transmission Plant; Fred Ciampa, AODE program manager; along with manufacturing technicians, product engineers and hourly employees.
WHY: The AODE transmission represents a major investment and commitment to enhancing the company's powertrains.
KEY WORDS: alcoholic blackout; memory interference; AOD (alcohol and other drug) intoxication; AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); AODR (alcohol and other drug related) mental disorder; long-term memory; short-term memory; state-dependent memory; BAC level; social AOD use; drug interaction; disease susceptibility; hippocampus; frontal cortex; neuroimaging; long-term potentiation
KEY WORDS: immune response; gender differences; chronic AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); alcoholic beverage; hormones; estrogens; testosterone; cytokines; alcoholic liver disorder; literature review
KEY WORDS: neural cell; stem cell; cell growth and differentiation; neurobiological theory of AODU (alcohol and other drug use); genetic theory of AODU; biological regulation; environmental factors; stress; neurochemistry; glutamate receptors; serotonin receptors; limbic system; hippocampal formation; chronic AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); brain; morphology; adult
KEY WORDS: AODR (alcohol and other drug related) mortality; morbidity; epidemiological indicators; chronic AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); acute AODE; amount of AOD use; alcoholic beverage; heart disorder; meal and meal time
KEY WORDS: osteoporosis; bone mass density; risk factors; female; AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); alcoholic beverage; tobacco in any form; lifestyle; physical exercise; obesity; nutrition; estrogens; hormone therapy; literature review
KEY WORDS: proteins; protein metabolism; physiological AODE (alcohol and other drug effects); alcoholic beverage; genetic mapping; gene expression; AODR (alcohol and other drug related) biological markers; signal transduction; field separation method; research agenda
KEY WORDS: hepatitis C virus; chronic AODE (effects of alcohol or other drug use, abuse, and dependence); disease course; ethanol metabolism disorder; oxidative stress; fibrosis; hepatocyte; carcinoma; anti-infective agents; interferon; antioxidants; patient compliance
KEY WORDS: AOD (alcohol or other drug) consumption; chronic AODE (effects of AOD use, abuse, and dependence); cancer; carcinogenesis; oral disorder; esophageal disorder; dose-response relationship; gender differences; tobacco in any form; distilled alcoholic beverage; drug concentration; risk analysis; meta -analysis