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The AOF program provides an introduction to all facets of the financial services industry - ranging from economic theory to navigating the Wall Street Journal, from exposure to current technologies to immersion in such real-world environments as major stock exchanges, retail and institutional trading desks, and multi-million dollar back-office operations.
AOF funds will specifically fund ALRP's insurance attorney, helping clients get the health care they need and the disability income on which they rely.
SRP appointed an independent committee composed of college admissions officers, financial aid administrators and educators to choose the scholars based on their academic excellence, active involvement in the AOF program and contributions to their school and their community.
FoamAway[TM] Irradiated AOF eliminates proteinaceous foam in mammalian and microbial cell culture.
The donation was made in partnership between KeyCorp and Citibank USA, now part of Citigroup, whose chairman and CEO, Sanford "Sandy" Weill, founded the first AOF in New York City in 1982, in order to provide career education to students through a specialized course of study and paid internship experiences.
Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risks: a) Production capability of the AOF facility may vary, as well as other risks and uncertainties detailed from time to time in Invitrogen's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
AOF II will fund acquisitions of controlling stakes in leveraged buyouts of medium to large sized market leading companies in the Asia Pacific region.
The well had a calculated AOF potential of 1670 MCF of gas per day and is producing approximately 400 MCF per day with a FTP of approximately 800 psi.
Plans are underway to carry out an AOF production testing program after recovering dense drilling fluids from the invaded gas pay zones that were required under EUB regulation to prevent potential blowouts at the well site which is located close to several residents and although the gas being tested is sweet gas with no toxic H2S, all gas flows will be incinerated instead of flaring into the atmosphere.
OpenROUTE AOF significantly eases the use of secure networks while providing the high level of secure authentication required for VPNs.
In partnership with business, NAF AOF students are emerging mentors themselves, and this program is an example of one of the opportunities that help young people become leaders.
The Bollinger GU#1 tested with a calculated AOF rate of 10 MMCFD, and expected to initially produce at the rate of approximately One MMCFD from a depth of approximately 3,600 feet.