AOFRAssumption of Financial Responsibility
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We look forward to partnering with Aegis and AOFR to further develop our product portfolios and market penetration worldwide where Photop is rapidly becoming a leading player of Optical Components & Photonic Products dedicated to the markets of Communications, Industrial Applications and Life Sciences," said John Ling, CEO of Photop Technologies.
Photop Aegis and Photop AOFR have transferred their main manufacturing operations to Photop Technologies at the extensive facilities in Fuzhou, China.
I am delighted to lead an outstanding team of professionals at Aegis and AOFR as we continue to deliver new products for next generation high-speed optical networks and industrial fiber lasers," said Dr.
The new products from AOFR combine up to 7 pump-lasers, each with an input power of 25 W, into a wide variety of fiber geometries as well as polarization-maintaining fibers.
Aegis Lightwave and AOFR will combine their global sales and marketing channels to leverage each company's strength in their respective key accounts enabling the companies to provide expanded world-class service and products to customers.
Available in standard 3x1, 4x1 and 7x1 as well as custom configurations, AOFR is announcing the release of these Clean Fusion Laser Power Combiners at Photonics West, January 23-25, 2007.
We see the above findings as validation of our acquisition strategy and unique capability to provide customers with specialty fibers from Verrillon and enhanced fiber-based components from AOFR.
Other acquisitions include AOFR (1995), a producer of fiber-optic couplers and components; Princeton Optics (1998), a maker of passive fiber-optic components; Spectracom (1999), a developer and supplier of 980nm pump lasers; and IBSEN Micro Structures (2000), a developer and manufacturer of phase masks, fiber Bragg grating devices and integrated optics platforms.
AOFR, acquired in 1995, is a world leader in fused biconic taper couplers and serves as ADC's development center for the ADC DWDM product line.
Acquired in 1995, AOFR is a world leader in fused biconic taper couplers and recently released ADC's high performance bragg grating based DWDM (dense WDM) products.
Wholly owned business units include ADC Video Systems, ADC Fibermux, ADC Kentrox, AOFR, ITS Corporation, Metrica Systems and Solitra Oy.