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AOHAncient Order of Hibernians
AOHAlways on Hand
AOHAfter Office Hours
AOHAlliance of Heroes (gaming)
AOHAffidavit of Heirship (estate law; various locations)
AOHAstronomers of Humboldt (California)
AOHAngels of Hell (gaming clan)
AOHAnnals of Occupational Hygiene (journal)
AOHAnatomy of Habit (band)
AOHAssembly Operations Handbook (US NASA)
AOHAccepted on Hire
AOHAnnual Operating Hour (energy use)
AOHAll-optical histology
AOHAssociation Ostéopathique de l'Hérault (French: Osteopathic Association of Herault; Herault, France)
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The new AOH has a larger than normal spike room with a deli-style sandwich bar so employees can pack a lunch before going on shift.
The new AOH is going to be a great place for employees to come home to after working a long shift; and its copper penny siding and symbolic circle windows going up front and center to the second floor will add some class to the neighborhood.
Safety, energy efficiency, and quiet are three design features important to CH2M for the new AOH.
Moving the employees was followed with the process of demobilizing three of the north facing wings at AOH.
AOH varligi ve duzeyi tespit edilirken Kenneth Wright'in AOH ve siddetini derecelendiren sematik goz resmi referans olarak kullanildi.
Horizontal kayma derecesi ile AOH ortaya cikis zamani ve derecesi arasinda iliski olup olmadigi incelendi.
Ameliyat sonrasi son AOH [less than or equal to] + 1 olan olgular basarili kabul edilirken, [greater than or equal to]+2 AOH olanlar ve/veya yukari bakis kisitliligi olanlar ise basarisiz olarak kabul edildi.
He hopes the AOH can foster that here among the Irish in Worcester.
About 40 percent of the AOH membership is from Ireland, said Mr.
According to its mission statement on its website, the 360-member AOH "aids newly arrived Irish immigrants, both socially and economically; assists efforts leading to the reunification of Ireland; serves as a bridge between Irish-Americans and their ancestral homeland; fosters Irish culture; and supports the church and its mission, especially in charitable works.
But now the former IRA gun-runner believes the AOH should represent traditional Catholic values in Ireland.
Anti-gay protesters claiming to be in the AOH recently attacked Justice Minister Michael McDowell as he gave a speech on gay rights.