AOHRArab Organization for Human Rights
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Meyer, who has practiced law in Boulder, in the state of Colorado in the US for 36 years and now lives just outside the city, said his group and AOHR conducted an investigation of any violations of international law by Gaddafi's regime, the Libyan rebels and even NATO.
Ao At the request of the AOHR, ILAC also participated in intensive training provided by the AOHR for more than 60 Libyan lawyers, judges, prosecutors and members of civil society in human rights law and principles.
AOHR (Arab Organization for Human Rights) (1990s); Annual Reports on the Situation of Human Rights in the Arab Region, various issues, Cairo (in Arabic).
Talking to Daily News Egypt, a spokesperson for the Brotherhood denied any involvement with the AOHR but applauded the report for "trying to awaken the consciousness of the world community" and showing "the reality of Egypt nowadays.
Concluding the report, the AOHR mourns the alleged habit of Egyptian authorities to poorly investigate complaints over torture or general mistreatment under custody, sometimes ignoring them completely.
The early reports of the AOHR referred only to violations of civil and political rights in Arab countries as seen in editorials and general comments in its news bulletin.
Once established, the AOHR was refused a legal status in the Egyptian capital, where it chose to have its headquarters.
Locally organized Arab organizations include: AOHR rounded in 1983 with offices in Geneva and Cairo; The Arab Institute of Human Rights, founded in 1989 and based in Tunisia; The Moroccan Human Rights Organization (OMDH), founded in 1988; The Ligues Algeriennes des Droits de l'Homme, and the Tunisian Human Rights League (LTDH), founded in 1977.
AOHR described the verdict as "harsh" saying that the continuity of implementing the protest law is "disappointing".
In a statement released on Wednesday, the AOHR said that the media campaign is related to tensions instigated by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies in Palestine and Syria.
The AOHR called on the United Nations and the international community to immediately intervene to inspect the "racist motives" behind Israel's policies.
In the closing session, AOHR officials noted their observances regarding the past and future, as Raji Sourani, chairman of the AOHR, recounted the first meeting of the organization in 1983.