AOHRArab Organization for Human Rights
AOHRAirborne Over the Horizon Radar
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Meyer, who has practiced law in Boulder, in the state of Colorado in the US for 36 years and now lives just outside the city, said his group and AOHR conducted an investigation of any violations of international law by Gaddafi's regime, the Libyan rebels and even NATO.
AOHR (Arab Organization for Human Rights) (1990s); Annual Reports on the Situation of Human Rights in the Arab Region, various issues, Cairo (in Arabic).
Unlike the other groups that appeared in the 1 980s, each based in a single country, the AOHR took a regional approach to the human rights issue.
The London-based AOHR further charges that the UAE has used banned cluster bombs and hired mercenaries to carry out torture and executions.
By preventing Qatari pilgrims from performing Hajj, the Saudi authorities have crossed the red line since the Kaaba, 'the first House of Worship, was built," the AOHR said in a statement.
AOHR accused Qatar of committing a serious violation against its citizens' right to perform religious rituals including Hajj, pointing out to the Qatari pilgrims' discontent with the authorities' reluctance to carry out the needed measures to have them- Qatari pilgrims- performing this year's Hajj.
AOHR pointed out that despite allowing Iran to establish consular services for the duration of the Haj, Saudi Arabia did not extend the same offer to Qatar.
In a recent report, AOHR revealed that more than 1,206 Palestinians were arrested by the PA in 2014, of which 353 were students.
We have received, and still do, hundreds of complaints from Jordanian citizens whose citizenship was revoked," Head of the AOHR, Hani Al Dahleh said.
It is true that the AOHR is quite weak at present in those Arab countries where it can openly function, and is limited to a few members of the educated elite.
The AOHR also warned that the list violated clear laws against defamation, as the reputation of individuals and charitable organisations is put at risk.
He clarified that AOHR will issue next week a recommendations report and will be submitted to the concerned bodies of legislation.