AOJAomori, Japan (Airport Code)
AOJAdministration of Justice
AOJAgency of Original Jurisdiction (US VA)
AOJAmerican Orthoptic Journal
AOJOiler (US Navy ship designation)
AOJAdd One and do not Jump
AOJAlliance of Justice (gaming)
AOJAbstract of Judgment (law)
AOJAngle On Jam
AOJAge of Judgment
AOJAssessment Of Job
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Poynter to provide organizational management to help grow AOJ membership and outreach efforts
Poynter will leverage its forty years of teaching experience and involvement with journalists and the media industry to assist AOJ with programming, strategic goals, events and conference management, fundraising and member recruitment and administration.
The agreement between the Association of Opinion Journalists and the Poynter Institute will extend the reach of our organization and increase our ability to offer training in the rapidly evolving craft of opinion journalism," said Lois Kazakoff, president of AOJ Foundation and deputy editorial page editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Through its AOJ grant program, the Foundation provides support for the civics and law-related education programs of the Florida Law Related Education Association, including the Justice Teaching Institute.
The Web site is a fine example of what the AOJ grant was created to do.
Embassy's AID representative and coordinator of the AOJ program, revealed the magnitude of influence exercised by U.
OMG Multi-Media President and AOJ Executive Producer Russ Cameron said, "While it was likely Rachel's smooth delivery, on-camera ease and first-hand knowledge of her local Oregon waterways that propelled her into receiving the most votes and ultimately winning TOC's contest, it was her own one-time fishing show, which aired in summer 2005, that impressed our producers the most.
Note: Table made from pie chart LAP Grants $10,860,377 Program Related ($63,600) AOJ Grants $602,925 LSA Grants $295,022
The Foundation's AOJ committee also is considering instituting a Voluntary Bar Association Community Service Grant Program, which would include one-time grants of $1,000 to $5,000 each awarded to voluntary bar associations to promote "new or significant improvement in existing charitable, community-service projects.
The idea behind the grant initiative is to get the voluntary bar associations across the state to become involved with us and to use their imagination and initiatives to leverage the funds we have available," said AOJ Committee Chair Darryl Bloodworth.