AOMTAge of Mythology the Titans (computer game)
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Our excellent track record with the product in other markets makes us believe that this innovative combination has the potential to become the treatment of choice for pediatric patients suffering from AOMT in the US.
The traditional treatment for AOM (not COME) has been antibiotics, while in AOMT there is a portal for delivery directly to the middle ear so that a local antibiotic and cortisone drop combination can be adequately administered--giving a much higher dose of antibiotic to the affected area.
In a study published in late 2006, Ruohola et al evaluated 79 children with AOMT within 48 hours of the onset of otorrhea: 73% of these children were evaluated within 24 hours.
The largest collection of (potential) pathogens isolated from external otitis (2) or AOMT (3) has been accumulated and analyzed by Alcon Laboratories during clinical trials of their otic preparations.
The localization of these drops to the external ear in otitis externa and to the middle ear and mastoid in AOMT and CSOM reduces the possibility that the microflora in the nasopharynx will become altered.
New otic quinolone formulations are being investigated as a possible treatment for AOMT, otitis externa, otitis media with a perforated tympanic membrane, and chronic suppurative otitis media.
By far the best study of the natural history of AOMT was published in 2003 by Ruohola et al in Finland.
Even with elaborate techniques employed to eliminate the possibility of contamination of otorrhea specimens, multiple bacterial species are recovered from many AOMT specimens.
In 2003, they reported their comparison of topical ciprofloxacin/dexamethasone and topical ciprofloxacin alone in 201 children with AOMT.
What has created confusion is the fact that several concepts included in these and other documents relating to the treatment of patients with acute otitis media and an intact tympanic membrane have been incorrectly applied to patients with AOMT.
1% dexamethasone was compared with ciprofloxacin alone in a patient-blinded, parallel-group, multicenter study of 201 patients aged 6 months to 12 years with AOMT of 3 weeks' duration or less and with visible otorrhea.
Ciprofloxacin/dexamethasone versus ofloxacin for granulation tissue in AOMT patients.