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AONBArea of Outstanding Natural Beauty
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That is why the Welsh Labour Government should immediately drop this proposal and instead make sure that Natural Resources Wales plays a full part in delivering the AONB action plan.
June Jukes MBE, chairman of the Friends of Cannock Chase, said: "With its beautiful views and internationally scarce habitat, it's vital that we work to protect Cannock Chase AONB for future generations.
He has been involved in much of the AONB Partnership's work, including helping to run events and activities, and being involved in many projects on the mining heritage of the area.
Long term, it will be the beauty of the countryside that will benefit and businesses within it - you can't separate the business and communities from the landscape and the AONB recognises all of those things and that is the point of the designation.
By fostering our relationships with influential providers like AONB, SOMA continues to influence the rapid spread of broadband services in emerging economies and ensure the narrowing of the digital divide.
A council spokesman said: "We are aware of this suggestion being put forward at the recent Gower AONB Partnership Group forum.
Our Altogether Archaeology project's annual mole hill survey is fast becoming a highlight of the AONB Partnership's year.
Employment within the AONB is mainly based on tourism and agriculture, but it is also a popular holiday destination for those who wish to relax.
But what the AONB designation does is give the area - in the eyes not only of officialdom but also tourists - a status it would otherwise not enjoy.
Dorset: Plans to bypass a stretch of the A354 north of Weymouth which the CPRE says would damage the South Dorset Ridgeway and the Bincombe Valley in the Dorset AONB.
But Cathy Lewis, Tourism Swansea Bay's business development manager, said at the Gower AONB Partnership's annual meeting in Reynoldston, in the heart of the peninsula: "Gower AONB is the brand.
A five-year plan to develop tourism in the AONB - unveiled at Corwen Sports Pavilion - set out its goal of becoming "an area that stands out as an exceptional place to visit in Wales" for day trips and short breaks.