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AOPAAircraft Owners and Pilots Association
AOPAAmerican Orthotic and Prosthetic Association
AOPAAlberta Organic Producers Association (Canada)
AOPAAgricultural Operations Practices Act
AOPAAccolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)
AOPAAdministrative Orders and Procedures Act (India)
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If you haven't heard about the Reimagined 152 and 150 (and many folks that I talked with at the show haven't) these are completely refurbished airplanes that AOPA purchased from Aviat Aircraft, the folks that manufacture the Husky, Eagle and the Pitts.
Free AOPA memberships available for active-duty military AOPA is honoring the service of active-duty military members by offering them a complimentary one-year membership in AOPA.
That's simply not right, and it's why I am not an AOPA member.
An AOPA member since 1987, Baker became a pilot in his twenties and has logged over 7,500 hours.
Earlier this year, AOPA and EAA mounted a grassroots campaign in support of the House bill, named the "General Aviation Pilot Protection Act of 2013," and its Senate counterpart.
AOPA Pilots speak out on medical petition at Sun 'n Fun .
In other words, in judging how the value of your airplane may be impacted, you are best advised to rely on your own information gathering from multiple sources, not just AOPA, EAA and others.
The AOPA has asked the FAA to implement the change by "direct final rule", which bypasses the normal rule making process and would permit the photo ID requirement to go into effect within 30 days.
The 70% commonality between the two aircraft will lead to a quicker Type Certification for the A700, which has almost 300 flight hours and has flown to and from the Oshkosh AirVenture, AOPA, and NBAA events for the past three years.
But the FAA failed to act on the petition, and now AOPA and EAA have upped the ante: On December 12, 2013, U.
Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Abu Dhabi Air Expo, General Manager of Al Bateen Executive Airport, stated that, ADAC looks forward to working with IAOPA and AOPA UAE as they join forces to attract new members to their organizations, and provide members with best practices aimed at facilitating understanding of the general aviation industry as a whole, and maximizing the potential of their businesses.
Expanding landfill could increase bird strikes The proposed expansion of a commercial landfill across the extended runway centerline would bring more birds, and bird strikes, to California's Stockton Metropolitan Airport, AOPA said in a letter to county officials.