AOPSArt of Problem Solving
AOPSAir Operations
AOPSArctic/Offshore Patrol Ship
AOPSAbstract of Operations
AOPSAutomated Office Protocol Standard
AOPSAll-Optical Packet Switching
AOPSAbstract of Operations System (US Coast Guard)
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Our proposed disease AOPs, like AOPs in toxicology, would describe a chain of causally linked key events causing downstream effects at several biological levels and provide clear mechanistic rationales for diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic interventions in the era of personalized medicine.
The Long Range IFF interrogator will enable AOPS to identify friendly aircraft and to ensure 360-degree cooperative civilian and military aircraft surveillance, Thales noted.
Rosemary Chapdelaine, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin Canada's Ottawa-based Mission Systems and Training (MST) business, said "Our team facilitates tight collaboration with the shipyard, subcontractors and the Navy, and we are pleased to be moving to the next stage of the AOPS program on schedule.
President of IUVA remarked, “IUVA is pleased to be bringing together this international panel of experts in UV AOPs.
Islamabad -- The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) has notified the return forms for filing of income tax returns by Company, AOP and Individuals.
The Ninth Circuit concluded that AOPs are not major federal actions for which an EIS must be prepared under NEPA.
Over the next year, both organizations will continue their collaboration through joint research in additional AOP trials.
Not content with general exercise, some AOPs are going one step further and competing in endurance sports events.
AOPs can also be used to oxidize inorganic contaminants such as cyanide, sulphide, and nitrite (Munter, 2001).
Last date for filing of income tax return in the case of individual and AOPs (30th September) remains unchanged.
399-404; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Zhang Yu, Zhang Yonggang, Wang Hua, and Zhang "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" [Measurement and Analysis of Seawater AOPs of Ship Wakes with Bubbles in Case-II Waters], [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Journal of Remote Sensing] 1 (2008).
Since we have used a trace file to store the execution history of the aspect-oriented program, we have named our algorithm Trace file Based Dynamic Slicing (TBDS) algorithm for AOPs.