AOQAverage Outgoing Quality
AOQAustralian Organisation for Quality (South Australia, Australia)
AOQAustralian Organisation for Quality (Queensland, Australia)
AOQAssociation des Optométristes du Québec
AOQAssociation d'Orthopédie du Québec
AOQAllowance Override Quantity
AOQAssociation des Orthodondistes du Québec (Quebec Association of Orthodontists)
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The MAAOQ is defined as average outgoing quality at MAPD, we have MAAOQ = AOQ at p = [p.
It is also concluded from the study that the sample size required for the ChSP-1 indexed through(MAPD, AOQcc) is lesser than the sample size indexed through (MAPD, AOQL) which also satisfies the interests of both the producer as well as the consumer, which can be understood from the OC and AOQ curves.
The AOQ purchase takes Stallion into a new arena, the worldwide offshore accommodations industry," remarked Craig Johnson, Stallion's CEO.