AOSDAspect-Oriented Software Development
AOSDAdult Onset Still's Disease
AOSDAspect-Oriented Software Design
AOSDArab Organization for Social Defence Against Crime
AOSDAfloat Operations Support Detachment
AOSDAccommodation & Office Services Division
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As AOSD and infections have apparent similarities such as acute onset, high fever, generalized lymphadenopathy, and elevated inflammatory markers, infectious triggers have been suggested for the cause of AOSD.
AOSD was finally diagnosed, based on the presence of pyrexia, polyarthralgia, skin rash, sore throat, leukocytosis, liver dysfunction, lack of RF, and the negative ANA titer.
A combination of both markedly elevated ferritin levels and GF levels =20% improves the sensitivity and specificity of AOSD diagnosis (1-3).
When the aetiological diagnosis eludes the clinician, patients with PUO are often diagnosed as having AOSD.
AOSD is a technology that addresses the separation of concerns in software at the code level.
8,15) Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura has been described in five AOSD case reports.
Krueger will bring leading-edge experiences and insights to AMPLE based on his pioneering work in combining SPL Development, AOSD and MDD methodologies.
According to the Yamaguchi criteria, the patient was finally diagnosed as AOSD, and pulse steroid was initiated and administered for 3 days.
The patient was fulfilling the criteria for AOSD as suggested by Yamaguchi (fever, leukocytosis, lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, and serologic tests were negative).
A 40-year-old female patient who has been treated as AOSD for four years was referred to our clinic with complaining of high spiking fever, myalgias, sore throat and weakness.
Our proposal takes advantage of AOSD techniques to improve the reconfiguration management.
21-26) The experience with tocilizumab in 14 French patients with AOSD refractory to other medications was described in a recent report.