AOSEAgent Oriented Software Engineering
AOSEauthorized onsite soil evaluator
AOSEAnalysis of Similar Events (various organizations)
AOSEAviation Operational Solutions Europe
AOSEAutomated Office Systems Equipment
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This dimension includes attributes that address and assess different aspects involving the methodology's applicability, and examine some socio-economic factors that affect the decision of recommending and adopting an AOSE methodology.
In order to make a decision on whether to adopt a specific AOSE methodology, perception, which is entirely a subjective feature, is important and substantial.
i] = 0, for i = 1 to 9 Indicating that there is no significant difference in the mean effectiveness of the examined dimension among the evaluated AOSE methodologies.
580 Table 6: Dimension ranks for the AOSE methodoloizies.
From the point of view of AOSE, this means that both top-down and bottom-up approaches are feasible when building a MAS, depending on the problem under study.
From this perspective, some initial attempts have been made to find a unified meta-model based on several methodologies [11], or by trying to reach an agreement in the agent community with the work of the FIPA Modelling TC or the AgentLink III AOSE TFG.
The paper remarks that current research in the area of AOSE methodologies underestimate the importance of the process model in the development of MAS; according to the authors, this is confirmed by the fact that in many cases, AOSE methodologies do not make explicit reference to the underlying process model.
The coupling with that diversity of target platforms is motivating approaches in the AOSE community which are in line with the OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach.
We would like to thank all the members of the AgentLink AOSE Technical Forum Group for their active participation during the AL3 Technical Fora and their contribution in the off-line work.
1) Properties defined during the second meeting of the AgentLink3 AOSE TFG (Ljubljana, February 2005).
In: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering V: 5th International Workshop, AOSE 2004.
In Agent-Oriented Software Engineering VI: AOSE 2005, LNCS, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2005.