AOSISAlliance of Small Island States
AOSISAfrican Online Scientific Information Systems (Cape Town, South Africa)
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One would expect Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other arid countries to put all their weight behind the proposals of the AOSIS group.
They chanted, "Two degrees is suicide and genocide [for Africa]," referencing the commitment in the document to maintaining the rise of global temperatures to less than an increase of 2 degrees Celsius, when the African, AOSIS, LDC, and G-77 negotiating blocs had advocated a safer 1.
The Old Boys came away with a 4-2 victory despite a great effort from AOSIS.
migration categories, Small Island Developing States, through the AOSIS,
AOSIS's role in climate negotiations has been disproportionate relative to the size of its collective populations and economies, in part because 37 AOSIS members are members of the United Nations, and in part because they have exercised strong moral pressure on developed countries.
AOSIS members include Belize, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, and Suriname, which are all coastal--although not technically island--nations.
AOSIS can announce twice that a small, low-lying island has instituted an evacuation plan, as did Tuvalu in 2001.
The WCC also worked with AOSIS in the period leading up to the Berlin Climate Summit and helped to sponsor a trip to Europe by AOSIS officials to raise greater public and political support for a draft protocol they had proposed, calling on industrialized countries to agree to a target of a 20 percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 levels by 2005.
They stressed the importance of AOSIS, the Group of 77, and Development Partners being advised of, and lobbied to support, the principles and key messages of the Suva Declaration.
However his treble wasn't enough to prevent his AOSIS team going down 11-3 against Out of Breath.
The Association of Small Island States (AOSIS) has drawn up an insurance proposal along these lines; see AOSIS, "Multi-Window Mechanism to Address Loss and Damage from Climate Change Impacts," Proposal to the Ad-hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; available at unfccc.
declared the AOSIS Protocol, "unrealistic and unachievable," and rejected it.