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AOSSAirStation One-Touch Secure System (Buffalo Technology)
AOSSAirstation Onetouch Secure System (wireless networking)
AOSSAlternate Operating System Scanner (spyware protection)
AOSSAutomated Office Support Systems
AOSSAtmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Department (University of Michigan)
AOSSAuxiliary Operator Service System
AOSSAdult-Onset Skating Syndrome (ice skating)
AOSSAngle of Side-Slip
AOSSAgent's Office Security System
AOSSaviation ordnance safety supervisor (US DoD)
AOSSAirborne Oil Surveillance System (US Coast Guard)
AOSSAdvanced Research Project Agency Optical System Study
AOSSAlternative Onsite Sewage System
AOSSAustralian Open Source Symposium (computer development)
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Ocak 2010-Amlik 2012 tarihleri arasinda AOSS lie poliklinigi-mize ba[section]vuran 203 hasta cali[section]ma kapsaminda degerlendirildi.
rxi AOSS ki[section]inin Oncel hayatint etkileyerck yaprn kalitesini dii;Ormek-tedir.
1'51 BPH'ne bagh AOSS olan 50 erkek hastanin Ver aldigi randomize, prospektif bir calivnada, 1PSS ye maksimum idrar akim htzl'nda %20'clen az diizelme elde edilen hastalarda ilac degi;imi yapmi;lardir.
BPH'ye baglt AOSS olan 40 erkek hasta ile yaptiklan call;manin sonucunda Hag degi;iminin hastalann semptomlanna yOnelik ek bir fayda sag,lamadigtru bildinnektedirler.
We are thrilled to be a part of this special moment in MediPurpose's history," said AOSS Chairman/CEO Eric Liew.
Although we value all of our customers, it's fitting that AOSS purchased the billionth SurgiLance, as they've been one of our most supportive customers over the years.
AOSS Medical Supply is a leading private medical supplier to the plasma, blood bank, hemodialysis, laboratory, EMS, hospital, private physician/surgical and long-term care, physical/occupational healthcare market segments.
AOSS provides disposable ancillary medical supplies and equipment-along with janitorial products-to facilities in North America and across the globe.
Corporately headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana in a 46,000-square-foot facility, with a second 26,000-square-foot distribution facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, AOSS also offers a custom designed secure-encrypted in-house, online ordering system for direct facility access, with direct link to their approved product lists, review of orders before shipments, and purchase and usage reporting.
Per Jacobsen, ACE*COMM's AOSS Business Unit Manager, commented, "This alliance is a perfect match.
AOSS automatically detects and configures other AOSS enabled wireless devices and clients and seamlessly creates secure connections, providing a one-button access point or router.