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AOSSMAmerican Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
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We are delighted that the AOSSM has recognized this important work, which brought to bear the combined disciplines of mechanical, biomedical, chemical and textile engineering for the development of our SeriACL Graft.
Rovere Award is given annually to a member of the AOSSM for his or her contributions to sports medicine education.
We are extremely pleased with the warm reception we received from surgeons at the AOSSM meeting," said James W.
Information and demonstrations will be available at the AOSSM meeting, booth #220.
cfm/58/1) , October 2, 2003; Army "A" Academic Achievement Designator Award, July, 2004; AAOS Leadership Fellows Program selectee, 2005-2006; as well as the AOSSM NCAA Research Award, 2007.
The AOSSM works closely with many other sports medicine specialists and clinicians, including family physicians, emergency physicians, pediatricians, athletic trainers and physical therapists, to improve the identification, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
It was part of an AOSSM (American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine) scientific session focused on the meniscus.